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Thanks to our expertise, TaxDay has already helped many non-British individuals who worked in the UK obtain a tax refund from HMRC when returning to their home country

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I’m not British and I work in the UK or I’ve already left the UK after a period of living and working in the UK, how do I claim tax back?

Under current HMRC rules, you can claim back any income tax you may have overpaid, going back as far as 4 tax years. Under current HMRC rules, you can claim back any income tax you may have overpaid, going back as far as 4 tax years.

You can’t claim back all the tax that you paid while you worked in the UK, as some people may think.

There are strict rules in place, which we can help you with. You may qualify for a tax rebate if:

  • You worked and paid UK income tax in the last 4 tax years (from 6th April 2016)(This would normally apply if you left your employment in the UK in the middle of a tax year))
  • You have p aid tax in another country while paying tax in the UK on property income, Other income  or dividend
  • You overpaid – meaning you paid too much income tax
  • You are or were here on an exchange program
  • You are a student
  • You are a Secondee (Tier 2)• You are employed in a government department as a specialist Tier 5

If any one of these cases applies to you, then chances are you could be due a sizeable refund.

I’m not British and I’m returning to my home country indefinitely, how do I claim tax back?

You could be due some money from HMRC in the form of a tax rebate if you’re a foreign national and you’re planning to leave the UK to return to live in your home country (and you are not likely to return to work in the UK until the end of the tax year). You may qualify for a tax rebate if:

  •  You worked in the UK in the last 4 tax years and paid income tax
  •  You’re leaving the UK until at least the end of the current tax year (ending 5th April)
I’m not British and I came to the UK for a work secondment, how do I claim tax back?

Some non-UK employees are requested by their employer to come to the UK and work as secondment. In that scenario, you would have been remunerated in GBP through the PAYE (‘Pay As You Earn’) tax system used by UK employers. The good news about this is that you may actually qualify for a substantial tax refund (also known as a tax rebate) from HMRC when you return to your home country. Many of our clients obtain very substantial tax rebates worth several hundreds of pounds, so it is definitely worth checking…

You may qualify for a tax rebate if all the following criteria apply to you:

  •  You worked in the UK branch of the same company for training purposes or to oversee or be part of a particular project in the UK
  •  Your period of secondment ended after 5 April 2016.
  •  Your period of secondment in the UK did not exceed 24 months
  •  After your period of secondment in the UK you returned to work for the same employer in your own country

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