UK Tax Rebate FAQs

Your questions about TaxDay and how you can claim tax rebates are answered here

Are you a registered tax agent with HMRC?

Yes, we are registered as a tax agent with HMRC. Provided you are happy for us to represent you, we can take care of your case from start to finish.

Are you part of the UK government or HMRC?

No, TaxDay is not part of HMRC or affiliated with the UK government. We are a private company. We are also a registered tax agent with HMRC, this means that we are registered with HMRC to deal with our clients’ tax affairs.

Can I apply directly with HMRC to receive a tax rebate?

Yes, you can. Although their service is free, you should be prepared to invest time and the cost of phone calls and postage. You can call HMRC’s customer help line to get you started, the number is available on their website (local call rate). However, please be aware that HMRC will only accept tax rebate claims which are submitted using the proper forms and in writing (not email or by telephone), otherwise your claim may be rejected.

Can I submit a tax return myself directly with HMRC?

Yes, you can. However, you may find that if you are not familiar with Self Assessment or how to complete a tax return properly, you may find the process frustrating and time-consuming, not forgetting that tax returns need to be completed correctly and within HMRC’s deadlines in order to avoid penalties. You may also find that trusting an accountant like ourselves will ensure that your tax affairs are dealt with properly and save you considerable time.

Can you transfer my money abroad?

Absolutely. We can transfer the money directly into your nominated bank account in your chosen currency for a standard administration fee which the bank will state (this is because our own bank will charge us to make overseas bank transfers).

Do I need to pay you any money up front?

In general, no.

If your claim relates to a Leaving the UK tax refund, you don’t have to pay any money in advance. We will deduct our fee automatically from any tax refund you are due back before transferring it directly into your bank account, so you don’t have to put your hand in your pocket.

For tax returns, if it is obvious from our original assessment that you don’t qualify for a tax refund and you still want us to submit a tax return on your behalf, we will request payment in advance, prior to doing any work for you. We would, of course, let you know so it is clear to you from the onset.

Do you charge VAT?

No we are the only company that does not charge VAT.

Do you charge for your time?

No. We do not charge anything extra to our fees. This means that we will spend as much time as necessary to finalise your claim, without charging you for any extra time your claim may require.

Do you have a minimum fee?

Yes. Our minimum fee (or administration fee) is there to cover the minimal amount of time we spend on processing a claim, on average. We charge whichever is the highest, either the administration fee or the 20% rate from any refund value, not both. For P85 claims, our minimum or administration fee is £80. We won’t charge you anything if you are not due a tax refund. For tax return claims, our minimum administration fee is £99 per tax return.

How can I find out if I’m due some tax back from HMRC?

If you worked and paid tax in the UK in the last 4 tax years and left the UK permanently (or at least until the end of the current tax year), the chances are that you could be due some tax back from HMRC. This is because all UK tax payers benefit from an annual tax free allowance (also known as “personal allowance”). If you leave the UK within a tax year, you could very well be due a tax refund. Our tax calculator can help you see if you’re eligible but this tool has its limit. However, please be aware that the tax calculator provides only an indication. Nothing replaces a good’ol chat with one of our consultants, who can help you assess if you have a valid claim or not. You can either call us or email us and we’ll respond. Free assessment and advice are part of our service. We’ll only submit a tax rebate claim to HMRC on your behalf if you’re happy for us to do so.

How do I claim tax back?

First, contact us by filling the online form, by emailing or by telephone on 01634 812 228, so we can assess if you have a valid case for a tax rebate. The assessment is free of charge. If it turns out you could be due a tax rebate or if HMRC makes it mandatory for you to submit a tax return, we’ll tell you what documents you need to supply and repeat the applicable fee for your case, just to make sure that you are happy to use our services.

How long does it take to receive a tax rebate?

From the time you supply us with your completed claim pack and all relevant documents, we will submit your tax rebate claim to HMRC within 24/48 hours. HMRC will generally take 4-6 weeks at their end to treat your claim and issue payment. However, this could take longer if HMRC requests additional information or documents from you.

How many years can I go back to claim tax back?

You can go back 4 tax years. The earliest you can go back is, therefore, 6th April 2016.

How much do you charge for your services?

Our fees are among the most competitive in the market. They depend on the type of claim:

  • For a Leaving the UK Tax Rebate (whether you are a UK citizen or not), we charge a 20% rate from the refund value, subject to an £80 minimum admin. We charge whichever amount is the highest, either the administration fee or the 15% rate, not both.
  • For Tax return services, we charge we charge 20% rate from any refund value (should you qualify for a tax rebate), subject to a £99 minimum admin fee per tax return. We charge whichever amount is the highest, either the administration fee or the 20% rate, not both.
I don’t have any P45 or P60 documents, or some are missing, can you still help?

Yes, we can! If you are missing any P60 or P45, you can obtain a statement of earnings from your employer(s) yourself and forward it to us. If you want us to obtain a statement of earnings on your behalf, the cost is £20 per statement of earnings and it will be deducted from the tax rebate due to you.

I’m a foreign national leaving the UK permanently, can I claim back by national Insurance contributions?

No, the National Insurance contributions you paid via your employment in the UK are non-refundable. As a UK resident at the time, your contributions would have helped fund state benefits for the ill or the unemployed (like Tax Credits, Employment benefit or Disability benefits, etc.), regardless if you ever claimed these benefits yourself or not.

Why does TaxDay charge for their services?

We charge a fee for our services in order to cover our own administration costs, including telephone calls, postage, and our own time. Some claims could be quite tricky and require several man-hours to resolve. Our fee structure means that we actually don’t charge you for the extra time a claim could take.

Why should I use TaxDay’s services?

Many British citizens and foreign nationals recognize the fact that claiming a tax rebate may at times prove a lengthy and complicated process, especially if you are missing documents or your circumstances are unusual. They may also not be familiar with the UK tax system or feel able to deal with paperwork, forms and calculations themselves, which is why they would prefer to use a reputable tax agent like TaxDay to deal with their tax affairs on their behalf, as quickly as time permits and efficiently.

What documents do I need to supply?

In addition to your fully completed claim pack, you need to supply all P60 and P45 forms for the tax years you wish us to look at.

When is the earliest I can claim a tax refund?

If your claim relates to a tax refund because you are leaving the UK (whether you are a British citizen or not), you can claim tax back in the same tax year that you are leaving the UK.

Why do I need to post the claim pack and requested documents to you, can’t I just email you instead?

This is because HMRC’s rules are very strict when it comes to representing a tax payer and being allowed to deal with their tax affairs. HMRC insist to see a “wet” signature on the documents we are requested to send them as proof that we are authorised to represent you. An email signature or a photocopy of your signature is therefore not acceptable according to HMRC.

What is a 'tax year'?

A tax year as used by the UK tax system runs from April 6 until April 5 the following year. For example, the 2014/2015 tax year started on 6th April 2015 and ended on 5th April 2015.